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I did this on Friday and man I wish I was able to drop the bar every lift.

I ended up at 57 reps using a trap bar (for the first time).

Here are my notes:

I started off really well on course the first 10 minutes I was already at like 25 reps and I just wanted to keep a pace of 1 DL every 30 seconds, at the halfway point I thought it'd be a good idea to put a belt on. After the 20th minute I felt like I hit a wall, I just could not keep up the pace and then I got behind. In the last 3 minutes I could only get 1 with many attempts at trying to get to 60. I think having the ability to drop the weight would make a huge difference as I was lowering each one.
-I did some hypers after to get some blood flowing because even during the 30 minutes I could feel myself starting to stiffen up. My back from the back of my knees to my traps has been sore. Friday wasn't too horrible except when doing anything that required me to use my back or hamstrings! Saturday was a little worse, when I woke up Sunday though just rolling out of bed was an effort. Today everything is sore but not quite as stiff as it has been.
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