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I see two potential ways to handle this. The first one involves eating most of your calories prior to training and then save one final meal for post workout. The other option is to consume ALL your meals pre workout and fast until the next day.

So the first option might look like: First meal starts 11:00-13:00 range. Eat up until 17:00 so you will have time to clear your stomach and have a decent level of workout intensity. Have a post workout meal immediately following training. If you are trying to gain muscle and or are not doing high intensity metabolic conditioning then you can start your feeding more towards 13:00-14:00 and eat right up to your training session.

The second option simply involves not eating after training, just use one of the above methods but get all your meals in prior to training. If you are trying to lean out this may be a good option.

I think mixing these two approaches could have its benefits also. Be flexible and experiment. Tweak things in a way that makes sense considering your goals. If you try the post workout fast and find you are not recovering from training…don’t do it! As always performance and body composition should improve. Give it a week or two to completely assess your response and then fiddle from there.

Keep us posted on your progress. If you want to share your specific goals I might be able to offer more guidance.
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