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Before I was doing basically the same thing on days 1 and 3, except not doing the DB rows and the DL static hold, and I was doing day 5 and 6 together on day 5. It was working great for the squat and pretty good for the bench, but on day 5 by the time I finished my squats and bench I was too tired to put forth a max effort on my DL and for this reason my deadlift did not increase nearly as much as my squat. The hope is that by moving the DL a day later by itself, I'll be able to give the DL a better effort and make more consistent progress in it. In addition I am adding the DB rows and static hold to improve my back and grip, two weak points for me which have been exposed in recent weeks. These changes happen while hopefully keeping the squatting and pressing program which has been working well the same. I also speculate as to what set/rep scheme I should switch my squats and bench to once my linear progress with 3x5 stalls and I need to make a change.
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