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here's a couple suggestions FWIW. don't worry about the plan. stick to a very basic 3x5 or whatever you like. I like to squat, press and pull every session. It looks like Bench is you biggest weakness, which is lucky becuase it will benefit the most from technique work. if you're going to add someting it's gonna be more bench. get with a good PL'er and figure this out. speed bench or light bench or rep bench..figure out what works for you.

your plan looks too complicated to me. simplify simplify simplify. any more complex than Volume day, light day and a PR day is over the top for me. seperate the squat and DL by at least a day or do them on the same day. I prefer same day. squat first. then pull. progress in the DL for me always stalls if my lower back is overcooked. has nothing to do with DL being too taxing, it's multiple days of squats plus DL that is too taxing. heavy back squats and light rdls then medium front squats and heavy DL is an easy way to break this up.

best advice...don't even worry about accessories at all unless they are major weaknesses. stick to the main lifts, if you need more work, back off sets are where it's at. if you have a specific weak point it's in one of these places.
hamstrings, abs grip, triceps and upperback. You can never do too much flexibilty and strenghthening of those. doing something small for those every time you go to the gym is a good start. you'll figure out pretty quick how much is too much, consistency on those will make a bigger difference than weight on the bar. pullups and power cleans never did shit for my main lifts. heavy barbell rows work better for me.
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