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Default Squat Technique

I am trying to dedicate the next couple months to improving my form on squat/c&j/deadlift/snatch while maintaining everything else.

My squat form is terrible (and my clean/deadlift/snatch form is worse). I uploaded a video on youtube of myself squatting. I have enough trouble just keeping an arch I guess, but when I get to the bottom of my squat, I start rounding bad, and I also do a bit of a Good Morning (and, as I add more weight, the good morning becomes worse). I'm hoping to find out (a) what the problem is, and (b) what can I do to fix it. I'm trying really hard in these videos not to round, and I'm still rounding, which tells me I can't fix it just by concentrating. The weight is light.

In the video, I do the following:
2 squats unweighted
1 high bar squat deep
1 high bar squat parallel
2 low bar squats deep
1 low bar squat parallel
1 front squat deep
1 front squat parallel

Also, less important, but programming question:
On my current program, I'm squatting 3x every 2 weeks, deadlifting twice, and doing light (generally working up to 60% of 1rm) clean, jerk, or snatch work 10x every 2 weeks (which means I am squatting 7 of those days). What should I do for my squat days? My squat sucks and I want it to get stronger, but I also want to improve my form.

I can do a lot more weight low bar than high bar (although my form may be worse). I was thinking about doing 2 heavy (5x5, 5x3 or 4 reps over 90%, following Prilepin's chart) low bar low box squat workouts, and then 1 front and overhead squat session, going lighter and working on form. I can usually keep a little bit better form on box squat, and for some reason I can move more weight. I figure I get strong from that, and then I get improved technique from my front squat + Clean/Snatch work. But, this also has drawbacks. Any opinions?

(I also do RDLs and GHR's, each once a week)
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