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Duke, ask Glenn Pendlay, as he does a lot of stuff with his son, and Arden Cogar, as he's had success with his daughter to some degree. Right now, keep it simple, let her do what she wants to and encourage her to do, and let her go to town with the pvc/ broomstick/5kg bar. They both post here.

Also, Paul LaDuke from Harrisburg (his 9 year old lifted at the meet) has some ideas that work well. You can get Paul's info from my facebook.

I'll paraphrase Victor Gallego: When they're young, nothing but technique and running for six months; 20 minutes technique, 20 minutes running and jumping, soccer, etc.

Victor's info is also on my Facebook.

As for the technical advice, two things:

1. keep the bar close to the body,
1. go fast

Yes, they are both #1. She learns those she will go far.
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