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Default Programming ideas for teen with broken thumb

One of my lifters is a 14 year old girl and loves weightlifting more than anything. She's a novice and working on getting to her first competition in May (Blue Ridge Open in VA). Anyway, at practice on Monday, she dropped a snatch and it bounced into her thumb. Being the tough little thing she is, she continued practice and just commented that it hurt a little and she couldn't bend the first joint. We've since found out that she fractured the growth plate under the top knuckle.

So, she's got an almost bodyweight clean and jerk and a 2/3's bodyweight snatch and I'm perfectly content with her going to competition with those lifts as we simply want to give her the experience. But, I want to continue training her twice a week to maintain her strength and power for the next 4-5 weeks while her thumb heals. We should be able to go back to the competition lifts by then.

We need to avoid lifts that require a heavy grip so I was thinking of taking the opportunity to work on any strength imbalances and use some sandbags, hill sprints, etc., to continue to strengthen her without forcing her to use her thumb.

Any thoughts?

Thank you for any ideas.

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