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Thanks Steven,
My leg length discrepancy was evaluated with a radiometry, a 3 part x ray of my hips, knees and feet on one image.
The doc them measured with a ruler to determine the difference. My chiro says I should wear my shoe lift or at least place a mat under my right foot when lifting heavy weights.
Nevertheless, I prefer to be barefoot most of the time and lift in vibram five fingers. Also, recently I have started doing so SI self-adjustment techniques and I swear they seem to even out the difference in my legs (as percieved by myself looking at the bony protrusion on my ankles while sitting straight-legged on the floor).
Is it possible that this "radiometry" was documenting a functional LLD and not an actual one?
Why have all 3 Chiros and PT I've seen insisted I wear the heel lift? And why am I still not convinced I need it?
Your help is greatly appreciated!

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