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[QUOTE=Steven Low;71009]In general, pain at the elbows/shoulder means you're either (1) early arm bending or (2) pulling too much with the arms moving under the bar.


Not necessarily. There are two other things that can help produce some joyous pain. One of them is catching cleans (power or otherwise) with elbows lower than a proper receiving position -- in other words where the weight is not supported on the shoulders and the arms are supporting some percentage of the weight, which is going on in the videos. The other could be attempting to jerk with the elbows high, as Tom is in the video. This is because the shoulders have already gone through half the ROM for shoulder flexion, and they are not driving the bar up in the first half of the jerk. Instead, the elbows are merely extending as the lifter drops under the bar. If they hardcore extend their elbows in this way, then potential distal straining of some muscles could occur at the elbow (although I have less experience with this because I don't coach the elbows to be in this position).

The areas of pain that Tom indicates would commonly be associated with catching the bar low, and this may not be his fault. His anthropometry is probably to blame (from seeing the pics and vids). His ulna looks pretty long in relation to his humerus, and this makes racking the bar a pain in the ass. Typically people in this position just need a wider grip and to think about their elbows being "in and up" as they rack the bar. I'd try this, and if flexibility is a limiting factor then continue to address it.

I'm glad I don't have long forearms, but t-rex arms do have their drawbacks.
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