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I'm going to resurrect this thread.


Great stuff, basically an anti-cortisol supplement. Very good if you're dealing with significant amounts of volume or stress on your body or somewhere thereabouts of overreaching/overtraining. Been helping me recover pretty well from my fatigue although I still need to hardcore rest more than I have been.


That said....

I've been on the lookout for a cheap (quality) source of course...

I've hit up this one on iherb to good effect:

It comes to approximately ~5 mg per cent or so.

So far best deal I've found is from puritan's pride albeit can't vouch for quality of it.... if you get the combo of buy 2 get 3 free you'll get 5 bottles for ~99 which is approximately ~9 mg/cents or almost 2x as cheap per.

Add in some random coupon on the web for like ~10% off or so and it goes to about 10 mg/cents which is exactly double.

Only thing I'm concerned about is that it's in junky soybean oils and stuff, but then again 95% of the products I've looked at are as well. There's so little of it considering it's a soft gel that any fish oil intake should override the o-6 ratios, so I'm not too worried.

It's pretty much overpriced everywhere else including places like poliquin's site. You get ratios of < 2mg/cent in most cases.

I only believe in vitamin D and fish oil... but this stuff has certainly been making a case for how well it's helped improve quality of sleep and recovery capability.

(Haven't tried BCAAs or anything for what it's worth though...). Been getting my whey/casein mix from whole choco milk. Need to add my colostrum to it to see if it's better though.

Am likely going to write up an article on this.

Thoughts? Comments?
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