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Originally Posted by Grissim Connery View Post
i was just messing around. the only time i could really think of maybe letting somebody fly over my shoulder is in a suplex, and then i just wanted to post that video up.

one of these days i'll actually go for a suplex, and it will be awesome! one of these days.....

luckily i only do BJJ tournaments, so most people have bad takedowns anyways. people sometimes think i have good takedowns, when the bitter truth is that mine are just kinda bad, while other people's are really bad.
From what I've seen, you (BJJ guys) could get a real advantage in the standup game just by working on gripfighting. I worked a bit with Derek on this, so he'll have a better opinion. The guy I do BJJ with (when I do it) is a judo brown belt, and all his guys start their matches with a throw and transition into a dominant position.

You probably don't get that many opportunities to suplex people in BJJ (although you could do a Karelin Lift).

I made the distinction on the over-the-shoulder stuff because a lot of bigger guys finish their double by just flinging the other dude (smaller guys pinch the legs and get the low takedown to avoid their opponent turning out).

Here's what I'm talking about.
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