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August 7, 2010
BW = 186
IF = 16 hours

1. Warmup
Defranco Simple 6
Ido shoulder stability WU - green band - 12 reps

2. Strength
military press + press outs - 45 x 5+5, 65 x 3+5, 95 x 1+5, 105 x 1 + 5, 105 x 5+5, 115 x 3+5, 130 x 7+0
neutral grip pullups - 11, 6, 6
towel pullups - 6, 4, 3 (towel ripped in 1/2.....great)
(superset with full rest - 1:30)

Kroc Rows - 30 x 10L/R, 105 x 21L, 105 x 17R

neck stuff w/10# plate - 25 flexion/extension, 25 lateral extension L/R, 20 flexion/extension, 25 lateral extension L/R

cable flye - 50 x 20, 50 x 14
rear DB lateral raise - 25 x 12, 30 x 12
(superset no rest)

3. Energy
45# plate push on towel - 2 lengths of basketball court(25m?) rest 90 seconds x 3
Time: 0:28, 0:38 1:04

-5/3/1 week 3 overhead press day
-press - I'll take it!
-towel pullups - Apparently the towel was telling me to lose more weight as it ripped in half on trying a 4th set, sweet....
-Kroc Rows - 105!!!! I think next time i'll put the towel stuff after the Kroc Rows, my hands were feeling a bit tired
-Neck and ABZ - Hit the neck but forgot the ABZ, didn't even realize it until before falling asleep last night
-Plate pushes - This sucked!@#@!#@!#@!%%#@$ The first set was fine, the 2nd.....shaky the 3rd was awful, by the time I finished my legs were cramping, I had force myself to walk around the gym for 10 minutes to get force blood into my legsed and driving home I was wondering if I should have waited longer as I felt like CRAP.

This is an exercise worth revisiting but next time either I need to not do 2 lengths per set or I need more rest between sets, something has to change. The first length wasn't bad at all it was coming back where it started to suck....That was ridiculous.
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