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Question Keen Surfer - Training Regime - Advice Appreciated!

G'day one and all,

Quite new here! So go easy.

Been reading a ton of info on Crossfit recently, Poliquin and lots of other strength based training.

One thing they have in common, is to lean down the best, they basically say that strength training is the way to go.

Im already quite fit, but sitting at around %15 bf and looking to get leaner, but also help my surfing out at the same time....

Ive also converted to Paleo about a month ago, and have seen the light. Awesome solution as Robb Wolf putts it. This has had the most affect on me. Will be sticking to this for my eating future.

I also got into the whole CHEK thing awhile ago, as he trained up Mick Fanning who now has two surfing world titles under his belt, and im still using a CHEK based approach to my training. Which is the following:

Program 1 - 3 sets at 1 minute intervals

Low to High Wood Chop with Standing Pull - Combo
Standing Dumbell Paddle on Bosu - Holding two 5 KG hand weights
Squat with 10 KG bar help above my head with straight arms
Swiss Ball Knee Balance with swapping feet
Swiss Ball Plank

Program 2 - 3 sets at 1 minute intervals
Power pushup with 5 kilo weights to burpee
Chins ups on straps - circular
Swiss Ball Squats with 5 KG med ball
Kettle Bell Swings

I alternate these programs week in week out. So 1 week ill do two sets of one program, next the other.

These are really hard. By the end I am feeling like ive had a very good workout.

My trainer has me doing that for 4 weeks (endurance). Then im onto strength and hypertrophy for 8 weeks, and then max strength after that, then max power, then a mix of all.

Seasonal based training, so by the end of the aussie summer I would of gone through an entire cycle.

My dilemma is, should I be starting out with strength rather than endurance? Or maybe look into the whole crossfit thing?

Obviously, I train to help me out with surfing, as I cant surf everyday. But with surfing the leaner you are the better off you are.

In the off days, im either doing 20 min sprints, or some swimming down the Olympic pool, and obviously surf as much as possible.

Thanks in advance, advice will be appreciated.


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