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Where to put the statics is sometimes tricky. A lot of my actual work is statics now. For you, they are more supplementary until your base is a little more solid. If you put them at the beginning of your workout, you may get more out of them. On the other hand, they may reduce your output on your dynamic sets. Sometimes though, they tend to warm up your muscles well so that you get more output from your dynamic sets. It really depends how hard you go on them. To be honest though, if you are doing an intense, crossfit style workout, you aren’t gonna be able to put much forth in your statics afterwards. So it’s probably adviseable to do them before.

Here’s an example based on your goals

Day 1:
Warmup-mobility, cardio, whatever gets you going

10s holds x 6sets
-push isometric – support holds (straight arm hold on the dip bars)
-pull isometric - deadhangs
-squat isometric – 90 degree holds

Max Effort (ME) pullup work
-3 sets of 3 negatives (jump to bar and lower as slowly as possible)
-5x5 body rows

Simplefit workout 1

Day 2:
Warmup-mobility, cardio, whatever gets you going

10s holds x 6sets
-push isometric – plank holds
-pull isometric - deadhangs
-squat isometric – 3rd world squat

ME dip work
-3 sets of 1
-3x3 negatives
-optional: 3x5 bench dips

Simplefit workout 2

Day 3:
Warmup-mobility, cardio, whatever gets you going

10s holds x 6sets
-push isometric – bottom pushup holds (nipples just off the ground)
-pull isometric – chin to bar holds
-squat isometric – 90 degree holds

ME Pullup work
-3x3 negative pullups
-5x5 pendley rows

Simplefit workout 3

You make the statement that you are seeing some fat loss already. In that case, you may just want to cruise with what you have going and not throw in more cardio until you get a little deeper into training. With that being said, I think you’d be fine throwing in 2 days if you really have the itch, but that depends on what you mean by interval training. Try gauging how hard the training is on your body/legs. If it starts to interfere with your main programming, you need to decide whether you want to focus on the strength portion or the cycling.

-non-training days: 3-5 pushups and 10-15 squats, 3-5x day
-training days: same reps, 1-2x day

With all of that being said, I’d like to point out that I’m focusing all this advice based on the exercises and program that you have chosen/like to do. If I had to throw one exercise in there, I would probably throw barbell squats in for the max effort on Friday.

I hope this is simple enough to keep you going. Programs can become much more complicated. If this sounds too daunting, just stick to what you’re doing because you’re already seeing progress.

Last bit> as your body squat numbers increase, you may want to start considering pistols
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