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Thumbs up 2010-11-16 Week 1 Day 2

The training
Came in feeling good. Muscle snatch still had carry over problems from last Saturday. Shoulder was still feeling not good on heavier reps. Switched over to snatching and it was a different world altogether. Everything felt good and all were power snatches I rode down to squats. Same deal with cleans - all power cleans ridden down to squatting. Pulling as hard as possible as I clean up my technique let's me do this stuff . Which means on the whole I'm actually getting stronger or getting better technically. Coupled with the fact that I'm now 84-85kg (2 kg lighter than before) and still pulling off 60+kg power snatches can only mean good things.

Left for a club afterward, left and still had time for a beer. Nice. Great day!!

PS. My shoulder pains "went away" after something weird happened to the area near my left clavicle. The area surrounding the clavicle felt tender throughout the cleans workout, but I pushed through. Now - shoulder pain has subsided immensely. Let's see where this goes...

Muscle Snatch (Heavy single)
50kgx1 <-- couldn't do anymore - shoulder unfunny

Snatch (60%)

Clean (60%)

Jerk (60%)
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