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am confused- If my vertebra is twisted slightly, yet all the muscles are loose, and not pulling on things, then why isn't my vertebra realigning? How will it do this if it isn't already? This has not been explained to me by anyway. I've simply been told: It will learn to move properly again.

Or am I being impatient? I guess I'm also looking for some insight here- Are my expectations about recovery unrealistic?
I can't give you a guess unless you get more information... I don't randomly guess if I don't have information (because that would be bad...) so it's problematic for me to really say anything unless you have an actual diagnosis.

Generally, with something that's been there a while it's going to take a while to clear up though.

You'll have to discuss it more with your physical therapist and/or get a proper diagnosis.

Depending on what it is chiro may or may not help additionally.

Sorry I'm being vague but that's all you can really get from me with the information you have given so far.
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