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Jeff Giliam
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Friday 4/8/11

Snatch Balance 135# x 3 x 3
I really tried to work on maintaining a vertical torso, which met with limited success. I was also trying to stay conscious of my footwork, which I'm not unhappy with.

Back Squat 240# x 3 x 5
This was the first time I've gone moderately heavy (80%) since I pulled a muscle in the lower left side of my back 4 weeks ago. The weight felt about right and the back felt great. I focused on spreading my thighs so as to make room for my hips and minimize the butt wink. I also worked on bouncing out of the bottom.

Snatch pull 155# x 3 x 5
Still getting used to the adjustments I've been trying to implement in my starting position. I focused on spreading the knees, activating the hip flexors and crushing a pencil between my shoulder blades.

Did some macebell swings for shoulder mobility and spinal stability as well as a little bit of plank work. I finished with 2 minutes holds on each side in pigeon pose and the squatting soleus stretch.

I was a little nervous going into this with my left knee feeling stiff and unstable, but I followed my doctors orders and pushed it a bit. I'm glad I did, for my knee felt noticeably better afterwards.
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