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NZSM Day 2:

Event 1: 117.5kg Farmers Walk - PB in training was 50m, goal today was to get under 35 seconds. Felt real good after I picked them up and started moving, watching the video I see that I had gone 25m and made the turn in 19 seconds! and at that time I was thinking wooooooo! Easy Weight! and then my grip slipped and it took me 10 seconds to set myself and pick them up again :/, dropped them again at 48m, at about 45 seconds - I thought I would have been able to time the drop to get over the line haha but no go, and then that was me, couldn't pick them again and the time ran out. Under 35 seconds next time still really happy with the run though as it was a tough Day 1.

Event 2: 100kg Apollons Axle - PB in training was 5 reps, goal today was for 7 reps. Strained my left bicep during the Apollons Axle and it was hurting, my shoulders and elbows were screaming in pain.

Event 3: 300kg Tyre Flip - PB in training was about 40 seconds, though after straining my bicep I had to change my plan, decided to just take my time and get as far as I can, just to get a placing. Knowing that if I was to go all out, I would most likely use my arms and possibly tear my bicep off! Technique felt beautiful and efficient, happy with that

Event 4: Natural Stones - Goal was to get all 5 stones, first 4 were easy, could've been faster, did them in 44 seconds. Did the first 4 with back and hips and used my arms as a chain, so bicep was ok, although the 5th stone was too much for me today. Got it off the ground just as the whistle went.

Overall placing - 6th, really happy with my final placing. 2nd u105kg NZSM division hopefully that'll help with my sponsorship pursuit. Was single points between me and 4th place, so close to getting 4th place, need to be stronger so bicep strains won't happen haha

Have finally finished work now, and finished with the excruciating pain of low volume training and resting haha I really don't like resting for the event and dropping back the volume. I do have to do it though, 5-4 days off before a strongman event for sure.

So, hopefully back into it on Tuesday, training with discipline and focus for the events this year and most importantly with all of my focus on New Zealand Strongest Man 2014.
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