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Originally Posted by Matthew Beals View Post
Been looking at old photos of some super deep split positions, with the front shin way past vertical. I'm assuming these are split snatches, but it got me thinking... is there any advantage to splitting that low in the jerk?

I played with it some and found I was able to get lower, and it seemed faster. My front foot had less distance to travel. Recovery was harder to push up out of such a deep position with the front leg, but not awful.

Wondering if anybody has some pros and cons on this one.
Splitting low means you didn't have enough room to split higher, you couldn't get the weight any higher. That is what I was taught anyway. The only advantage I can see at being that low is the difference between a successful lift and a failed lift. If you are able to even get that low...I'm decent at splitting and I doubt I could get as low as the old pros.
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