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Session 1: 40 mins

Mobility Drills
Banded Stretches
Foam Rolling

Session 2: 70 mins

Snatch - 20kg, 40kg, 60kg, 70kg, 80kg, 90kg, 10x0-100kg, 5x1-70kg
Clean and Push Jerk - 20kg, 40kg, 60kg, 70kg, 80kg, 90kg, 5x1-70kg

Apollons Axle - 2x2-80kg
Axle Zercher Carry - 2x50m-60kg
Tyre Flip - 1x6-250kg
Harness Sled Pulls -1x30m-100kg

Deadlift - 7x5-150kg, 4 sets with hook grip, 3 sets with straps - EASY!
Sumo Deadlift off boxes - 6x1-180kg with 30 seconds rest
Front Squat with 10 seconds pause - 3x1-110kg, 3x1-70kg with 30 seconds rest
Heels-Together Deadlift with 10 seconds pause halfway - 3x1-130kg, 3x1-90kg with 30 seconds rest
Sprints - 5x20m

Session 3: 30 mins

Bench Press - 7x5-75kg, all reps competition pause
6" Board Press - 110kgx5, 130kgx1, 120kgx3
Decline Bench Press with 10 seconds pause - 3x1-70kg, 3x1-50kg with 30 seconds rest
Zydrunas Press with 10 seconds pause halfway - 3x1-45kg, 3x1-35kg with 30 seconds rest
Cable Seated Extensions with 10 seconds pause - 3x1-30kg, 3x1-18kg with 5 seconds rest
Plyometric Push-Ups - 5x2-BW+10kg

Session 4: 30 mins

Active Recovery

100kg Snatch is there, just couldn't stick it, last few attempts I wasnt getting full extensions either, so I left it at 10 misses haha. Bicep was sore during Clean and Jerks, so I didn't do much events today again.
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