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Session 1: 60 mins

Mobility Drills
Banded Stretches
Foam Rolling

Session 2: 70 mins

Hang Snatch from shins - 20kg, 40kg, 60kg, 70kg, 80kg, 90kg, 5x1-70kg
Hang Clean and Squat Jerk from shins - 20kg, 40kg, 60kg, 70kg, 80kg, 90kg, 100kg, 110kg, 2xmiss-120kg, 5x1-90kg

Log-Lift - 5x1-70kg with 30 seconds rest
Farmers Walk - 2x50m-60kg with 30 seconds rest
Atlas Stones - 1x4-100kg
Arm-Over-Arm Sled Pulls -1x30m-40kg

Deadlift - 8x4-160kg, 2 sets hook grip, 6 sets with straps - EASY!
Front Squat Supports - 4x5 seconds-180kg with 30 seconds rest
Low-Box Squat (10") - 3x1-160kg with 40 seconds rest, 2 sets with belt, 1 set with belt and knee wraps
4" Deficit Deadlift - 3x1-160kg with 40 seconds rest, 2 sets hook grip, 1 set with straps
One-Leg Box Jump - 30cm, 60cm, 70cm, 80cm, 5x1-60cm with 10 seconds rest

Session 3: 30 mins

Dumbbell Clean and Jerk - 15kgx5, 35kgx1, 25kgx3
Bench Press - 8x4-80kg, all reps competition pause
Incline Bench Press - 5x1-80kg with 40 seconds rest with different grips
BTN Press (No Back Support) - 5x1-65kg with 30 seconds rest with different grips
Ez-Bar Seated Extensions - 5x5-18kg with 30 seconds rest
Clapping Pull-Ups - 3x4-BW

Session 4: 30 mins

Two-Barbell Deadlift - 60kgx3, 65kgx2, 3x1-70kg
Bent-Arm Hook-Grip Deadlift - 80kgx3, 90kgx2, 3x1-100kg
Thumb Deadlift - 20kgx3, 25kgx3, 30kgx3
Heavy Geippers - 3x10-100lb
Active Recovery

Hang Cleans felt real easy, 120 was there, just felt like I was to tight. Jerks are way behind my Clean strength, need to work on not pressing out too.
Strongman felt good today, no bicep pain today. Deadlifts were easy, love deadlifts.
Bench felt real tight and real solid, technique, technique, technique!
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