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Session 1: 60 mins

Mobility Drills
Banded Stretches
Foam Rolling

Session 2: 70 mins

1" Deficit Snatch - 20kg, 40kg, 60kg, 70kg, 80kg, 90kg, 2xmiss-100kg, 5x1-70kg
1" Deficit Clean and Push Press - 20kg, 40kg, 60kg, 70kg, 80kg, 90kg, 5x1-70kg*

Apollons Axle - 2x4-60kg with 30 seconds rest
Axle Zercher Carry - 2x100m-60kg with 30 seconds rest
Tyre Flip - 1x8-250kg
Harness Sled Pulls -1x30m-100kg

Deadlift - 10x3-170kg, with straps*
Deadlift off boxes (20") - 6x1-180kg
Front Squat with 10 seconds eccentric - 3x1-80kg, 3x1-40kg
Heels-Together Deadlift with 10 seconds eccentric - 3x1-130kg, 3x1-90kg
Concept 2 Rower - 2x500m, timer on the rower was playing up, so I don't know my times

Session 3: 30 mins

Bench Press - 10x3-85kg, all reps competition pause
6" Board Press - 100kgx5, 120kgx1, 110kgx3
Decline Bench Press with 10 seconds eccentric - 3x1-70kg, 3x1-50kg with 10 seconds rest with different grips
Reverse-Grip Strict Press with 10 seconds eccentric - 3x1-45kg, 3x1-35kg with 10 seconds rest with different grips
Ez-Bar Seated Extensions - 5x5-18kg with 30 seconds rest
Clapping Push-Ups - 3x4-BW

Session 4: 30 mins

Index-Finger Deadlift - 20kgx3, 25kgx2, 3x1-30kg
Reverse-Grip Index-Finger Deadlift - 20kgx3, 22.5kgx2, 3x1-25kg
Hub Pinch Holds - 3x20 seconds-10kg
Hub Extensor Holds - 3x20 seconds-5kg
Active Recovery

Snatches felt tight, got under a lot quicker, feel 100 was there, though my right thumb wouldn't lock, kept slipping.*
Clean and Push Press was easy, 90 Push Press felt easy too, should've went heavier.
Deadlifts were easy, although it was tough keeping my form tight over 10 sets - I rested a lot longer today to insure my form was tight, look forward to testing my Dealift, feels strong - confident I will smash my PB.
Front Squats were tough with the eccentric, didn't expect that, I am assuming progressing on these will help my max Front Squat.

Bench Press felt awesome, form was great, leg drive was perfect and even un racking and re racking, my form still felt tight.
6" Board Press was a nice overload, had great success with boards when I benched 140kg at 16, I feel they are great for confidence. Will keep the weights the same, and progress from 6", 5", 4", 3", in the past my competition max was always 10kg less than what I could bench to a 3" board paused. So 130kg on Wednesday and 120kg today, sweeeeet

Finger lifts are new to me, was tempted to go for a max - but figured best be safe and go light, just get used to it first.

I also did some curls and rear delts today too, nothing special.
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