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Default 1st Meet (Masters) C&J

Made this lift at the IV Open Nacional (Spain) Masters, which included a Masters Spain v. Portugal competition for the more accomplished lifters. C&J of 93 a half kilo PR, neither of which are necessarily post worthy except I spent a few months on this forum posting my struggles with the jerk so I felt compelled to post what I view as progress. Also, I got a red light (card in this case) and not sure why. Maybe someone in the forum sees what that judge saw. Any critique is appreciated but understand I just recently jerked over 80 kilos for the first time, despite being able to clean 95 fairly easy for some time and with nerves of the competition having a greater effect on me than anticipated, I just wanted to rip it off the ground and get to the jerk. Once I hit the platform my only thoughts were of aggression and speed on the jerk. Anyway just publicizing something from my first meet experience hope I don't come off too goofy, and as always thanks.

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