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Default Next training program advice needed

Hi all,

I am new to oly lifting. I have done some (poor form) oly lifting when I was following crossfit. I have since found Catalyst Athletics and recently completed a 12 week strength training program from CA.
I just completed my max lifts at the end, S = 125lb, C&J = 150lb, and BS = 245lb (pretty weak I know) but these were all increases. I weight about 155lbs right now and have spent a lot of years in pursuit of endurance activities like Adventure Racing and trail running.
I am considering the Classic/Position Cycle program or the 12 week Traditional Cycle program posted by CA for my next training cycle. I feel my form is not too bad (video posts to come) but could always use tweaking. I workout at a local gym that has bumper plates but the bars are not really high quality. I seem to struggle mostly with pulling myself under the bar both in the snatch and the clean and jerk.
Any advice on my next program would be great. I would really like to get stronger at these lifts and increase my technique. I plan on working two days per week on just my overhead squat and two days on my front squat, in an effort to drill form and start to build more strength.
My over all goals are to become stronger in the oly lifts, solid in position and form, and increase my maxes to where I should be, but I'm not really sure what that number looks like.....ideas?
Thanks for any help or advice or ideas anyone has on this topic!
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