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In short, I believe you're right about all three lifts (four videos).

In the first video (the 200-lb snatch), you didn't sweep the bar far enough into your hips before you extended vertically. As as result, you had that jump forward. Sweeping the bar back allows you to stay on your feet longer, which will keep you more connected with and the bar and transfer the energy you create with your legs to the bar more efficiently.

In your second video (the 205-lb snatch), you did sweep the bar farther back, but it can still go a little further. You initiated your second pull a fraction of a second too soon (it looked as though there was a slight forward jump there, too). I also feel that you could have saved the lift (like the first one) had you pulled yourself vigorously under the bar. You let the bar swing a little too out in front (a result of your early second pull and the bump on the upper thigh rather than in the hip). Still, keeping your lats flexed by continuously pressing your palms against that bar all the way through the high-and-out elbows phase of third pull will keep that bar very close. You also need to remember that the third pull -- the pull under the bar -- is just as active as your explosion up. You need to have a violent but controlled action.

The squats, in my eyes, look good. The only thing I would recommend is getting a little bounce out of the hole. If you want to work on that controlled movement, you can do pause squats, which will strengthen you out of the hole. However, with heavier weights, you're going to need to train the bounce in order to take advantage of the whip in the bar and help you change directions quickly (much like when you receive a clean).

I hope that wasn't too long or confusing. If it is, I'll be happy to clarify what I mentioned here.

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