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Default Experimenting with Hit and Catch Drill/Superman Pull

Hey all, this is my first post so lets rip it apart!!

Quick notes;
I tend to have an early arm pull, which if I am very conscious of, it is reduced but still an issue. The result of said arm pull in conjunction with not shifting my weight properly (which I am still trying to find) during the pulls has me landing on mid foot for snatches and cleans rather than my heels.

Today was the first time I tried out Jon North's "hit and catch" method for snatching, while I feel the bar path is much more out in front of me on the turn over, it does seem to lend myself to have an easier time getting under the bar for the catch, particularly in the power snatch, and seemed to help me be a little more conscious of my weight shift during the pulls and vastly reduced early pulling to little to none. On the catch in the full squat I felt, and it is visibly apparent, that the bar is a little farther back than directly over my heels as a result of trying to snatch this way, which leads to a less up right chest than I am used to.

Still going to continue experimenting with this. Please let me know what you think. First video is Jon North's explanation of the drill. Second video is my doing the drill, third is the snatch complex with this method at 60%.

Any thoughts on this would be very appreciated.
thank you so much!
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