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Thanks Javier!

I definitely need to work on what you describe with keeping the bar in tight. When it comes to the third pull I wonder how much lacking internal rotation of my shoulders is restricting me. I did some work with 145# - hang snatches - the same day, and really struggled to keep it in tight.

Also... just read this by Greg... some words I've really got to take to heart!

"How do you fix all this? Very simple: Find your correct squat stance and use it for every squat you do, and when you squat, snatch and clean, always—I mean always—sit all the way in. If you’re trying to recover from a long period of bad habits, sit in the bottom of all snatches and overhead squats for 2-3 seconds before standing—and when I say the bottom, I meant the bottom. Pause back squats are a great exercise as well for strengthening the deepest part of the squat. It’s not that fun, but neither is missing lifts you should be making."
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