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Tamara already addressed the hips shooting thing.

Other things I saw, next time try for a better camera angle:

1. Hip extension, a few of the reps it didn't look like you reaching full hip extension, and it looked like you were hyperextending to compensate.

2. Keep your head neutral

3. It looks like were arms were bending a bit, be careful especially if you use a mixed grip, you'll end up like me and hurt a bicep doing that. It hurt to even move groceries for weeks after I did that.

4. Upper back rounding, from the angle it looked like you were caving over on the shoulders, which is linked to what Tamara said about keeping your chest up.

Eric Cressey had a great deadlift tutorial series along with videos, here is a decent article by Tony Gentilcore as well. Mark Bell also has a ton of videos on the youtube speaking about the deadlift.

Glad you weren't trying to bounce the weight and instead taking from a "dead stop" each time.
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