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Default Deadlift Form Check

Hi Tamara and Allen;
I really appreciate your responses. As the weights get heavier(for me) I want to make sure my form and technique are correct so as not to injure myself.
Tamara: This lift is a conventional Deadlift.
I understand your first comment about setting my back hard and keeping my chest up. I like the point about pointing my chest at the wall in front of me. I am not clear on your second paragraph ,though. Setting my hips higher at the start seems counter-intuitive but does that keep them from shooting up first? Since they're already up , they won't go higher. I keep the phrase, " Butt Down , Chest Up" in my mind when I do this lift, but it doesn't seem like I'm suceeding at it. I figured if my Butt was lower at the start, it wouldn't go up before my shoulders but that's not what is happening.
I envision a triangle with the bar, my shoulders and hips as the angles of the triangle. I try to set the angles correctly at the start and keep them that way on the way up.
Is that a correct way to envision it?

Allen: Thank you for those tutorial links- I will check them out.

Once again, thank you both for your time and answers.
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