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Hey, not bad at all! I think you could benefit from a couple of pointers:

1. Try to get a little more comfortable in your squat position. In both videos, you looked out of your comfort zone. While you definitely want to take advantage of the bar's deformation (whip), you also want to make sure you're in the proper position. In both the snatch and clean, it seems like you would benefit from spending a little more time down there. Work on improving on your ankle and hip flexibility. If you don't spend some time down there, then the heavier attempts will be sure misses. A quick way to improve that (on top of mobility drills) is to simply spend about a two or three-second count at the bottom of each lift. Sometimes, you have to fight to maintain the position on PR lifts -- they won't always be fluid, where you have beautiful reception of the bar, are in perfect position, use the bar's deformation to your advantage, and stand up like a powerhouse. If your focusing on leg strength as well, then this won't be too much of an issue. It will be tiring, but the end result will please you. Once you start to feel comfortable, then piece it back all together.

2. You should attempt to start with your hips down a little further on the clean, in my opinion. It borders between being a clean and a deadlift. When this happens, I often see a vicious hip/thigh bump or people initiate their second pull too soon, hence bringing them forward. The angle you have in the snatch looks solid to me.

3. When you jerk, focus on bring the bar straight down. You tilted a little forward, which led to your final position being off-balance. Likewise, make sure the bar comes back straight; in fact, try to aim for the back of your head as you get your head out of the way (a little cue I stole from Greg Everett and that works for me).

I hope this helps you. If you have any questions, let me know!

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