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Default Dorsiflexion issue or something I'm missing? Squat Critique (heel issue).

Heels are coming up when I squat. This problem was brought to my attention sometime ago however I am running out of ideas on what it could be. I've widened my stance a bit (feet essentially under the armpits) and that proved to be a bit more stable however the problem is still pretty persistent on all squats, with the front squat being the most obvious. I'm not sure if this is a dorsiflexion or hip mobility issue or something I am completely over looking, also note I have relatively flat feet and do not wear inserts.

PR ohs (I know the jerk is horrendous, I am just focusing on pulls and squats for this cycle, I will be addressing the jerk next go around, any suggestions would be great)

Front Squats, 75%

Thank you so much!
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