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Originally Posted by Andrew Kerwin View Post
Thanks, but missing a PR clean or something similar due to this issue would not be a good thing. A friend of mine suggested that this may be due to a hamstring/quad strength ratio imbalance, in that my quads are far stronger than my hamstrings, so my body defaults and compensates by shifting the weight to my quads. Not sure what to do from here but I am looking into just waking up my hamstrings a bit.
Where do you see such a huge issue with your feet on your squat? Because I watch a lot of people squat, and I truly don't see it. I would never ever worry about what you are seeing with any of my lifters. If anything, I would cue you to keep your chest up more because you are driving out of the hole with your ass on your front squat instead of keeping your chest as vertical as possible. THAT will cause you to miss a PR clean. That in and of itself will shift your weight forward and cause you to go onto your toes. You have no crazy muscular imbalance. Truly.
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