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Well man, my mom being Peruvian loves her white rice and seeing as I how she married a Japanese guy when I was 5, we ate a lot of rice.

They still keep eat a lot and it cracks me up that my mom will make rice pretty much at every meal besides rice and potatoes or corn or other grains/carbs.

One thing I've done is I just try to limit it to mainly eating it outside of home. If I go to Japanese food, I have some white rice. Or sometimes when I ate mexican food, I'll eat beans and spanish rice. If I eat chinese food, I pretty much eat pork fried rice.

Other than those times, I hardly ever eat any. My dad makes likes to make wild rice on occasion but fairly seldom.

I would start with cutting portions of rice. So like my mom often serves like a 1/3 to 1/2 a plate of rice. Start off by cutting it down to like a 1/4 plate or just eating it on a occasion.

Still, rice can be hella good sometimes. Especially Moco Loco. Totally worth it.
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