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On both sn and cln, you rush a bit from the floor which makes your hips rise too quickly, which makes you off balance a little forward and prevents you from moving the bar back off the floor along w your shoulders knees and hips to shift your weight back.

Get tight in the start and break the bar smoothly, immediately shifting your weight back toward your heels wth your chest up. Think of the bar moving in a backward diagonal line from the floor to the hip - move the bar back to the hip rather then moving the body forward into the bar as you explode at the top of the pull.

The above (being out of balance forward in general) will usually prevent you from extending completely (more evident here in your clean than sn).

Jerk - stay on your heels all the way during the dip and drive - torso should move vertically down and up. Start with the palms deeper under the bar and the elbows spread out and down more.
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