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Originally Posted by Richard Bendekovic View Post
Just kidding about the skipping class thing. Get to the gym when you can, life comes first. I just get a bit excited about live training from top coaches like Dan Bell. I spent many hours reading about the lifts, watching videos, posting videos and then going to my garage and trying to emulate. It served as a great pastime and adequate training. Then I had the good fortune to start working with a top level lifter and coach (in group setting), Isaac Morillas in Madrid, Spain. And even though, due to language differences, I can't take full advantage of his instruction it has made a huge difference. He does not demonstrate often with a loaded bar but one day at a body weight of about 71kg. he power cleaned 100 kg., fairly light for him, and watching, up close and live, his set-up, concentration and especially speed at which the bar moved from the ground to his shoulders was a real education. And although I had previously lifted with a CrossFit Games competitor, this redefined speed. Anyway, I noticed you holding the bottom position of a couple of snatches, that is something strongly encouraged by Greg Everett, so good for you. You seem to be jumping all over the place in your set-up and progressions, maybe by design. The below link might help give you some consistency. I am a huge fan of Catalyst Athletics and Greg Everett, and it is the only weightlifting source of information from which I have actually purchased training tools. I used Greg Everett's DVD to start learning the lifts. So I hope this is not a breach of etiquete but you may find this link from another coach helpful. It is a snatch progression this highly credentialed coach uses as warm-up for accomplished lifters and drills it to his beginners. This link is Part 1 of 4 and you should be able to find the other 3 parts easily.

I had to throw this in because Isaac is a great guy. The 2009 European Championships.

Awesome videos man.

I do watch a lot of the barbell shrug videos, and I will try out the warm up videos you posted.

I also saw both of your threads you posted a little while ago, and good stuff. If I was more knowledgeable I would try to offer some advice, but sadly I am not.

Just keep up the good lifting, and thanks for the advice I appreciate it.
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