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Saturday May 4th

Bench Press

240x3 is going down.

Sunday May 5th

Weighted Pull Up

Still felt doable, feels like 70x5x3 should be easy. That should have me at a 100 pound 1RM, which is awesome. I feel like I could really take things to the next level calisthenically speaking if I lost 20 pounds but I'll be damned if I want to spend 20 weeks dieting and watching my strength go down again.

EZ Bar Curl

Turns out I was adding up the weight wrong. These were the kind of curls that cause you to throw out your back though, on the last few reps at least.

Up to 9 easy ring dips, still can't begin the transition for a muscle up. I think it might be because I'm not using a false grip, but nothing has ever felt as weak as my ability to do pull ups with a false grip.
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