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Hey Brendan,

The snatch looks like it has improved. You have a little hesitation between the first and second pull when your bringing the knees forward. And during that hesitation, you stop pushing that bar into your hips which mat cause your weight to be slightly too forward on the second pull. So like Greg said, I would focus on making sure your weight back more on the foot for your second pull. I would suggest doing some Halting Snatch DLs and snatch pulls.

Also, if you pause the video at :32 and then :33, you'll see that your knees stop coming forward. I had a big problem with this before I started working with Greg because I had (and still do have) terrible ankle mobility. Do some ankle mobility exercises before and after your training. To be more comfortable in the bottom position, I would suggest incorporating some OH Squats and Snatch Balances if you're not already. The pausing for 2-3 seconds in the bottom really helps too. So continue that anytime you're squatting with a bar overhead.

Congratulations on your squat PR by the way! Keep training hard.
Blake Barnes
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