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Originally Posted by Michael Herring View Post
Does everyone really weigh-in in just their undies?

What's the rule with knee and wrist wraps? What can you not wear? I have some Rehbands and some elastic knee wraps. I'd like to use one or the other.
For the most part, yes, because your bodyweight affects your Sinclair total, and clothes weigh something.

Pages 17-19 have the rules about the weightlifter's costume. You can wear knee sleeves and wrist wraps. There are rules about how big they can be, but generally, Rehbands and the most common wrist wraps fit the requirements. The one "issue" that I have to change for meets is the fact that I lift in knee socks and Rehbands, and you have to have space between your socks and any knee sleeves. So, you either can't pull your knee socks all the way up, or you have to wear shorter socks.

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