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Congratulations on going 6 for 6, that's awesome!

For both the snatch and the clean, wait a little longer before you go into that second pull. Let the bar make contact a little higher (into the hip on the snatch and higher on the thigh on the clean). Then continue to open up/extend as much as possible. Think about finishing with the shoulders behind the hips. Block snatches/cleans would be beneficial because it requires you to be more aggressive and helps on finishing that extension.

I wouldn't say you're staying over the bar too long, but it does look like you're not shifting your weight to the back of the foot on the first pull. I would try some Halting Snatch DLs (I think that's Carlos's "pause deadlifts").

On the jerk, it looks like you're putting a little too much weight on the front leg. Punch the bar back and bring the hips straight down. You can see a little forward shift after you split. I suggest doing some Split Push Presses (behind the neck) and focusing on hips sinking straight down (underneath the bar) and keeping your weight distributed a little more evenly.

I understand these are heavy weights and technique isn't going to be flawless. It's Just something to look for whenever you are analyzing yourself in the future.
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