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Timely question Chad, I’ve had similar concerns lately. Training for me has gone something like this, classic lifts: warm up, sets of doubles & triples at about 70-80%, work up to a heavy 1RM, then a few sets singles, doubles, or triples at about 70% of that, then Squats up to a heavy 1RM, back off to 70% of that and work up to a heavy 3RM, then 50% @ 5X2. What usually happens when getting up to a heavy 1RM on the classics is a shit-ton of misses probably due to a breakdown of technique. Not to mention a tougher recovery.

Another possible byproduct of going heavy everyday (for me), is I have come nowhere near a PR. A heavy 1RM is about 80% of my PR, then it just falls apart.

Probably the biggest reason for not doing percentages as prescribed is my pride and buying in to the internet hype that Greg mentioned, “no such thing as overtraining”.

This article has got me rethinking things though. I have a meet on June 1. I think after that I'll be picking a program from the CA Book of Programs and stick with it. Damn the pride.
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