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Nice lifting, looking strong!

First thing I would say is you hip shoot ever so slightly. The hips move up before the chest lifts, so make sure you pull all the tension out of your arms and really try and show the chest.
Second thing is that at the end of your 1st pull your toes are off the floor. The weight transfer is to much towards the heel, which may also be contributed by the slight hip shooting (loading the forefoot slightly more).
You also have a slight turn out of the feet just before you initiate the second pull. Potentially tight piriformis? Could be wrong here obviously.
Good extension of the hips and nice torso angle. Slight chest drop on racking the bar (looks that way in video), fight to keep that thoracic extension. You don't look comfortable in the bottom catch position, so I assume this is due to loss of extension.
Maybe me, but also looks as though on the dip of the jerk you just fractionally move towards the toes in the amortization phase slightly (the part you stop going down and try to go up). This has the potential to throw the bar in front of you if your not careful. Think "heels".
You don't quite finish the drive of the jerk as much as I would want to see, but its no trouble for you to get the weight up. Strong in the power Jerk it seems!
Unfortunate we can't see the trajectory of the bar.

Just my 2 cents, i'm quite picky though. All in all its a good lift, and there will always be some form of error in a max lift unless your an international master of the lifts lol. So good job, keep it up.
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