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Originally Posted by Blake Barnes View Post
On your snatches you're bringing your feet up in the air a lot after the extension. Make sure, immediately after your extension, you're quickly pulling under the bar so it's a quick shift of the feet to the receiving position. However, I don't see you doing this on the cleans. Try some tall snatches and some dip snatches and focus on shortening the transition from 2nd to 3rd pull.

You're extending that back leg on some of your jerks. On that miss, it looks like you over-reached and brought your hips backwards causing you to slightly miss the weight forward. Remember to keep your back knee soft and absorb the weight with your hips straight down.

It's hard to see from this angle but it looks like your knees may be coming in a little bit on the way up when you're squatting. Force those knees out on the way up.
Thanks for taking the time to have a look Blake. First point is very helpful and I will work on actively pulling under the bar more by doing some of the exercises you suggest.

The back knee thing is something I have been working on recently and is working with lighter weights just now but goes back to straight leg sometimes on the heavy one. Any specific points or just try to build consistency?

The knees thing is a good point but I don't think my knees cave in much as all of my other squat videos are usually from the front and it never seems a problem. Its always a good thing to think about to keep the right muscles working though. Thanks.
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