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It's been awhile, I've been deployed for the last 2 months in Afg.

Started a Paleo approach when I got out here....lost some fat that was needed. Now I'm on a more liberal diet..200-210 grams protein a day....probably around 100g carbs...give or take more/less given the day. don't mess with too much bread/rice. I do eat oatmeal in the mornings now. Shoulder health is getting better...still have a gnarly popping sound when I rotate it to the side. I see a physical therapist every 2 weeks...which is bad ass. He gives me rehab exercises to do on my own. AFG is actually not being a way from the fam...but other than that I have everything at my disposal when I'm off work to ensure my strength/conditioning stays up and up. No bumper plates least on the base I'm at. The elevation is noticeable too...especially during conditioning workouts.

Last few days:

Back Squat
320lbs x 3x5

50 back squats @ 185lbs (20/10/10/10)
100 body weight step ups 24"
200m bear crawl

Clean + Clean Pull + Hang Clean (hip)
245lbs x 4

21-18-15-12-9-6-3 reps:
KB swing thruster @ 24kg
sprawl jumps
18:00 of fucking hell

Front Squat
275lbs x 3 x 3
Heavy bag routine 20:00

135lbs/185lbs/205lbs/225lbs/225lbs/245lbs/255lbs/260lbs (F)/260lbs

w/ 35lbs flak/sappi plates
1 hour +....this sucked so bad...worst Murph time...but worth it. Had 8 Marines come out for this...including our SgtMaj.


"Memorial Day"
7 rounds
7 deadlifts @ 315lbs
200m sprint
15 pullups

Later on
3 position cleans
heavy bag workout 15:00
"One must try everyday to expand one's limits."
~Mas Oyama~
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