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I think there's just some inconsistency between your lifts. For example, the dynamic start on your first snatch had a lot more movement than the dynamic start on the second one. Your feet are also very close together for how tall you are, especially on the clean, which may be the reason that the first pull feels awkward. I used to start with my feet very close together until a coach pointed it out and it made a pretty big difference for me.

You've only been lifting for a year so at this point just about any good program will get you results. The most important thing is to just spending time lifting. I've spent the past few months (and by that I mean almost a year...) obsessing over little details like which specific program to use that really doesn't matter as much as I made it seem in my head. Being overly analytic made me lift inconsistently and get poor results. But my biggest takeaway from this past year is that unless you've been lifting for a reaaally long time just about any well written program will get you great results when it is used consistently. So don't worry too much about which specific cycle to use, because if you're anything like me that will just drive you crazy lol. Pick something that looks fun and stick with it!
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