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I agree with Vythand on not breaking your elbows after the extension and the bar is getting away from you in the snatch. Try some tall snatches and some dip snatches and work on pulling straight under the bar. This should cause your elbows to come high and outside.

On the clean, it looks like you're letting the bar loop around and crash on your shoulders. As I said for the snatch, pull yourself straight down (elbows up and outside) until your shoulders meet the bar and quickly punch your elbows through to allow for a quicker turnover. I suggest doing some tall/dip cleans to help correct this.

The jerk is quick and aggressive it just looks like you're overextending the back leg. You're punching the bar back, which is good, but you want to keep the back knee soft so you can absorb the weight with your hips straight down. Try some split push presses behind the neck and focus on letting the back knee bend.
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