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"Sinister Saturday" w/flak/sappi plates (35lbs)

Team Workout
Event 1
5 rounds:
5 deadlifts 275lbs
10 burpees

Event 2
5 rounds:
10 thrusters @ 95lbs
40yd bear crawl

45 minutes

(5) 100m sprints (w/o flak/sappis)

started to get really hot on the sprints...jets were getting ready to land had to cut it to 5...which no-one minded.

this is our 5th week of Sinister Saturday. We always do it w/ flak and sappi plates...its always a smoker...the 1st week only 2 we have anywhere between 8-10 people show up. We made shirts too...if you come out and complete 4 get a free t-shirt.

Later on did the following outside 114 degree...roasted...but getting used to working in the heat and altitude.

5 rounds
5 tire flips
50 sledgehammer
1,2,3,4,5 box jumps (30")
10,8,6,4,2 knee to elbows
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