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Ok great. I was really hoping that this would be your answer because I think that in some exercises my 1RM may be a bit off. For instance with PC and PS, I never did those before starting these cycles, so I have only ever gone to maximum once, and in both of these attempts, I wasn't even close to parallel. Therefore, any resulting percentages are fairly easy. It's the same story with PJ.

I do have one last question about pulls. Back when I had a coach for a little while, I did a lot by feel. Since my classic lift numbers are pretty light (165#/225#(clean)), my pulls were always quite a bit heavier. I remember doing upwards of 255#x3x3 in the clean pull and 205#x3x3 in the snatch pull, and I have deadlifted 365# back when I did CrossFit. So should I stick with doing ~90-110% over the span of the cycle?
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