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Originally Posted by James Brennan View Post
My campus gym has decided to stop letting me do the full lifts, so I've purchased my own set to lift at home. Because of my schedule, I'd like to do a morning workout at the gym, consisting of squats/presses/pulls, then a late afternoon workout of snatch/c&j/complexes.

Is there some kind of secret to splitting it up like this? Could I take a training cycle like the Front Squat Emphasis and split it like this? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
In the gym (in Russian) where I have been a girl (now coach) trained two times a day, getting ready for a competition like this (MSIC - master of sports of international class):
morning: squats, bending, traction and other auxiliary exercises (weight of 60-80%)
evening: full training - snatch, etc. and etc.. depending on the day of the week - specific program (leap day, it starts to jerk broach the day with a sensible push broach well, etc.)
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