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Hello all,

I've been training with its recommendations still need to improve.


At snatch, I still need to sweep more, and keep my heel on the ground longer, I also see that my arms bend before the extension, at least right arm and think because of this I can't do the 3rd pull and I can't pull myself and feel slow to get under the bar.


At c&j, as I think I can improve sweep the bar, but my big problem is to pass the bar knees, instinctively my knees push forward, I've been focusing on that and even thought I didn't do it but in the vids I realize that is too exaggerated, produces the swing bar. Some specific exercises to correct this?. How I can fix this?

In the start position, the bar where it should be placed, above the ball of the foot?, for both?. In the snatch, position it over the ball of the foot, while the clean isn't comfortable, and get closer to the base (arch) of the foot, I find it easier to sweep the bar.

I wait for your comments and recommendations, sorry if my english is not the best, just remind them that I'm from latin america, if possible do not use words such techniques.

Thank you very much.
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