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Dan Appert
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Default If you could only afford one, which one for strength and recovery?

I've never been very big on supplements, but as I get more serious about my strength training and general fitness I have started including some. I am a student and I only make around $1000-$1200 a month after taxes, and with various bills due to poor decisions in the past I don't have a lot of income left over. I currently take glucosamine sulphate for joints, a couple fish oil capsoles a day, and BCAA's (branch chain amino acids). I don't want to continue spending a tenth of my income on supplements so I'm going to cut out the glucosamine.

I eat a decent portion of protien after a train, but I'm wondering if my money would be better spent on some whey containing BCAA's or if I should continue with the pre/intra workout stnad alone BCAA's, or if there is a better supplemnet all together for strength and recovery. I'm going to continue with the fish oil for general health, so the title of the post is a little misleading.

What is your go to supplement for hard training?

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Darryl Shaw
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If you're eating a reasonably varied diet that meets energy needs you'll already be getting all the indispensable amino acids you need from food. So it's unlikely that you'll get any real benefit from whey or BCAA supplements. If you're set on taking supplements though I'd recommend creatine monohydrate as it's cheap and ~70% of users report improved performance.

AIS Sports Nutrition Factsheet: Creatine.

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Dan Appert
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Thanks for the response. My knowledge on supplements and nutrition in general is pretty limited. I was just experimenting with the BCAA's becuase Andy Bolton recomended them pre workout in the book Deadlift Dynamite. I workout first thing in the morning fasted so it seemed like a logical thing to do. Since running out I haven't picked up more becuase it's not very cost effective. I'd like to think it was benificial but I really have no way of knowing for certain, because the week I ran out I changed my programing drastically, so there's too many variables to tell.

I'm really not set on taking supplements, at the same time my diet probably doesn't contain enough protien for the amount of strength training I do. I try to follow the old "at least 20 grams right after working out" rule, but getting it through whole foods can be difficult with my schedule. I suppose I will keep experimenting and alter my diet.
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Blake Barnes
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Yeah if you're already consuming protein through your diet, you don't need to buy amino acids. I agree with Darryl - you're better off getting some creatine or something.

But the main thing you should worry about is how your diet is. Make sure you find time to go grocery shopping and prepare your meals yourself. If you're eating like shit then the supplements aren't going to do much for you. A supplement is called a supplement because it SUPPLEMENTS the diet.
Blake Barnes
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Greg Everett
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I agree - if it's only one supplement for performance, I'd go with creatine.
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Darren Natoni
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Originally Posted by Greg Everett View Post
I agree - if it's only one supplement for performance, I'd go with creatine.
Hey Greg, I enjoyed using the Podium Gold creatine from the Catalyst Athletics store based on your podcast recommendation with Robb, but I've had it on backorder since running out in April. Have you heard anything as to when you might be getting more? If not, do you have another recommendation until you guys get it back in stock?
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